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AFC takes down the NFC 24-23

From Teresa Varley, The AFC came-from-behind to defeat the NFC, 24-23, in the 2018 Pro Bowl, with the Steelers coaching staff coaching the winning squad. How did 97 do in his first Pro Bowl: Playing in his first Pro Bowl Heyward did the same thing he did all season, he got to the quarterback. [...]

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Pro Bowl Vibes

Looks like Cam and teammates are enjoying their time at the Pro Bowl! Thanks to everyone who voted to send them to the game.  

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Team Heyward takes on The Magic Kingdom

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Thank you Steelers Nation!

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Heyward: ‘It doesn’t stop here’

It’s the harsh reality that comes at the end of every season, a reality that isn’t fun and one that nobody likes. Changes will come. New faces will arrive, and familiar faces will be gone. “This team won’t be the same next year,” said Cameron Heyward as he stood in his locker on Monday, looking [...]

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Heyward headed to the Pro Bowl

  Of course I’d rather be playing with my team, but looks like I’m headed to Orlando this year! Thank you to all my teammates, coaches, and fans. - Cam From Teresa Varley, Cameron Heyward was one of the first names that came up when people were talking about Pro Bowl snubs, and now [...]

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‘Just disheartening…

We didn't fight enough, didn't tackle enough. Can't do that vs. good teams. We didn't get off the field enough, and then on a 4th-and-2, we know Fournette's getting the ball. Just disheartening. As a leader, that falls on me.  I love these guys, I hate that we did it. Next year we don't know what [...]

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97 named AP All-Pro

It’s an honor to be recognized as an All Pro! Wow, what a difference a year makes. Seriously thank you to my teammates for making me better especially my D Line bros, my defensive brothers, my furious O Line brothers and the rest of my teammates as well. Special thanks to the family, friends, and [...]

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