Cam on the playoff loss:

“I take it very personal when we don’t have playoff success and I will be back in the drawing board trying to figure out a way if I’m on this team next year.”

Cam had a tremendous game against KC and was considered for Player of the Game honors. The award went to TJ Watt.

Cam finished with four tackles and the forced fumble that resulted in Watt’s scoop-and-score, setting the Steelers up for the lead in the game.

The season did not end the way we all wanted, but I am proud of the way this team fought every week. Cam and the team gave their all and I am happy to have watched through all the ups, downs and ties.

Cam, talking about Ben Roethlisberger:

Photo- Matt Freed

“I appreciate that man. The way he’s battled. The way he’s always given us a chance. When you talk about having toughness as a QB, a guy that’s going to give you everything he’s got. Can’t ask for anything more than he’s given.”