From Teresa Varley,

Steelers players took part in the United Way’s Days of Caring by exercising with senior citizens.

Just as a group of senior citizens were getting ready for their regular exercise & wellness class at the Catholic Youth Association in Lawrenceville, they quickly found out this class was going to be anything but regular as a group of Steelers players walked in the door to take part with them.

“It was like wow when they came in,” said Cathy Gamble from Lawrenceville. “It’s really cool that they were here. They are so down to earth. They don’t put themselves above anybody. They are just like us and that is the best part about it. How awesome is it that we exercised and kept up with the Steelers? It’s great they support our group here. That is what we need, people with a lot of influence to help us out and keep these places running too. We need that.”

Cam Heyward, Le’Veon Bell, Will Johnson, Arthur Moats and Lawrence Timmons joined the seniors for a high-energy workout that had everyone smiling, laughing and sweating.
The visit was a part of the United Way’s Days of Caring, an effort that supports four impact areas – helping children, struggling families, seniors, and people with disabilities – and encourages volunteering in the community. The United Way encourages senior citizens to remain active, and the exercise classes held at many of their facilities allows for them to participate and potentially prevent health issues.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Heyward. “They are all staying active and keep us active. I like to think of the United Way as a good middle man. They help you reach out to a lot of charities that you might not be able to do by yourself. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of things.”

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