From Teresa Varley,

Defensive end Cam Heyward wasn’t able to take part in drills during his combine because of an injury he suffered in the Sugar Bowl.

For Steelers’ defensive end Cam Heyward the combine was a little different than for most. Heyward suffered an elbow injury in the Sugar Bowl, forcing him to have surgery that prevented him from taking part in the drills at the combine. He still had to go through the medical part of it, which was just as taxing.

Heyward shared some of his memories about the combine.

What is the overall combine experience like?
“There is no other place where you get judged on your athletic ability, your intelligence, how you deal with waking up early and all of the factors than at the combine. Everything goes in because the coaches and owners want to evaluate how you do under pressure. It’s the biggest job interview of your life.”

What were the interviews like at the combine?
“The crazy thing for me is I was hurt at the time so I had to use my brain, the way I talked, to get my point across. I was injured in the Sugar Bowl so I had to show I was a student of the game. What I couldn’t show on the field I had to make up in the conferences, meetings. Every team is there, scouts, everyone is there. It’s one of the craziest job interviews. You will never forget it.”

What are those interviews like with the coaches and general managers?

“You almost treat it like a competition. They are testing your knowledge to see if you are a sincere person and how much you care about this game. They can tell from the get go if you are serious about this and you want to excel at the next level. They don’t know you, why you love this game, what you want to do when you get in the league. All these different questions.

“With the Steelers we got to write essays to see what we are all about. It’s really cool. It’s more than just the interview. It’s a great process. It’s an essay about myself, what I thought were important character traits, things that make me the person I am. To be able to do it that way you get to know the person better.”

How crazy was all of that?
“I can say I felt like I was in ‘Men in Black’ being interrogated. You felt like an alien. Getting to know the teams, how they work, it’s a unique process. I can say from seeing all of it the Steelers are a one of a kind team.

What was the biggest surprise?
“Every detail that goes with it, from walking onto a stage in just your shorts and them judging you on that and more. You feel like you are in a beauty pageant. Every little detail, going to meet the scouts, coaches, the drug test. There are so many integral parts that go into the combine. It shows everyone has to do their due diligence to make a great decision in choosing a player.”

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I know we are all happy the Steelers found Cam Heyward to be a PERFECT fit!