cam520Cam took some time to speak to the media today regarding the team’s upcoming OTA’s (Organized Team Activities) and the upcoming season.

Is he excited for OTA’s:

“Of course! Looking forward to new faces. Excited to grow¬† with the group of guys.”

On the new PAT rule:

“I want every offense to go for twp. I think we have a good goal line defense around here.”

Read more on the new rule HERE.

On the new guys being patient:

“My mom always said patience is a virtue. Come to work every day…your hard work will pay off. The main thing you want to do is establish trust among your teammates and your coaches where they feel comfortable enough to put you out there.”

On being a leader:

“I don’t really know who they think is a leader, but I’m just going to come to work and help our young guys and learn from our older guys. And, just try to get better everyday.”