Cam spoke to the media today about the young players and. how OTA’s are going.

OTA’s are underway and 97 is ready to go! #herewego

Cam also spoke out on Ben Roethlisberger:

“Anyone that tells you otherwise, they haven’t really looked at football. You give that guy a good running game and tell him he doesn’t have to throw the ball 50, 60 times, he’s going to be that much more dangerous, and I think we’re looking forward to that.”

More from Cam, courtesy of Adam Maya,

“I think we’re just blowing it out of proportion. We went 11-0 to start the season. How many other quarterbacks did that? I think we can sit up here and talk about how we lost the game last year. We lost to the Cleveland Browns, OK, so be it. We fell off at the end. We still made the playoffs. But I’m not here to say my quarterback is not able to do it. I’ve seen this guy win Super Bowls on TV. I’ve seen him day in and day out compete, and you just get frustrated. I know Ben puts in work. I know how much he cares about this team.”

“When I hear the badmouthing about him being a non-great quarterback and that everybody is ready to elevate other quarterbacks, I’m like, ‘what have they done?’ This guy is a proven winner, but yet we’re ready to discount him,” Heyward said. “All I was saying was I think having a greater balance is going to make him that much more dangerous. I know our offensive line is in flux, but they’re going to be better because they’re learning a different system. We bring in another running back, our receivers are a year older, bring in another tight end. All these different things I think can help Ben, and I’m excited for him.”