Messages of congratulations have been pouring in via Twitter, Facebook and email! Steeler Nation is thrilled to know that 97 will wear the Black & Gold for many years.

I am not able to post all of the messages, but I wanted to share some:

I am so proud Cam! The man he is on and off of the field. He always wants to be better. I love you, son Congrats! — Charlotte Heyward

Just on cloud nine right now. So happy & relieved Pittsburgh will be our home for the next 6 years. Couldn’t be more proud of Cam! — Allie Heyward


It’s a great night Steelers Nation! Cam is staying with us!Steelers

Have enjoyed following your career and look forward to what is to come. Enjoy this site as I don’t get local Pittsburgh news in Canada. — Paul Eckert

Well deserved!Ryan Clark, former teammate and ESPN analyst

Big head…Big money…with a Big smile congrats lil homie…dinner on you next!Ike Taylor


You can bet this Cam Heyward jersey is going to see a lot of “wear time” this season! #HereWeGo  — Erin (@SteelersFanTN)

Cam makes me proud to be a Steeler fan and a Buckeye.– David Paul (@DwarfToss)

YAY, YAY, YAY x INFINITY!!!!! Congrats Cam!– Tall Kathy

 The Steelers did the right thing in signing Cam Heyward to a long term deal. I love the way he plays the game.–Enelly (@Erk_Nelly)


I can hear Craig’s laughter, pride, and joy. Congrats again! – Tanya Reddick (@redd2003)

Cam, we are so excited to have you with the team. You’re a leader and amazing player. We are stationed with the Army in Germany so we do not catch many games but keep up with you through this website. Thank you!Stephen Legg

Congratulations Cam! So happy for you. Wishing you the best, always. I know your Dad is so proud! Continued success.  — Jamal Anderson (@jamthedirtybird)


Would like to say CONGRATS to Cam and his family! Such an awesome player and love how outgoing his family is.Sarah Levy

You are the building block to our next great defense. A well-deserved reward for a rock-solid end.– Paul Krzywicki (@JuniorKrzMU)

Way to go 97! SO excited to see you play for six more years. You are a FORCE! Still sad to see Keisel gone, but you give us something to look forward to. — Leslie James


I have followed you since your OSU days and you make us Buckeyes proud everyday! You’re truly one of the good guys who does things the right way. #class — Jason Stryker

Congratulations!! So excited Steelers are keeping you! Class act! Leader! I know Brett Keisel taught you well. — Christy Nelsen

Thank you Cam for being a stand-up guy and for showing all of us what hard work can do. We have loved getting to know your family and are excited for your newest member to arrive.Samantha P.

Congrats to my brother Cam Heyward on signing his new contract to continue his career with the #Steelers! You deserve it man!Kelvin Beachum


Congrats Cam!!!  Buckeyes! Steelers! Well Deserved!! — Will Allen

Proud of this dude right here! Hard working, humble guy who deserves it!Mike Adams

Thank you for ALL the wonderful messages! Congratulations to Cam and his family!

Here we go Steelers…Here we go!