Got fined for honoring my Dad who bravely fought cancer on my eye black. Cam

Cam lost his father, Craig “IronHead” Heyward after a courageous battle with cancer in 2006. He played for 11 seasons in the NFL.

The NFL notified Cam on Wednesday that he would be fined for his tribute.

Cam on the fine:

“To lose a person like that due to cancer, for cancer awareness, I don’t think it should be a big deal at all. It’s unfortunate. Something dear to my heart. I honor my Dad.”

The media and fans are in agreement:

 Chorus joined. This is ridiculous! – Peter King, Sports Illustrated

Seriously, how hard is it to get this stuff right? Cam’s dad was 11-year NFL vet/Pro Bowler Craig “Ironhead” Heyward- Rachel Nichols, CNN Sports Anchor, Sideline reporter for NBA on TNT, MLB on TBS & the NCAA Tournament

Not a banner day for the NFL’s fine police. – Jason La Canfora, NFL Insider for CBS

Can’t pay your fine but there’s a group of “Divas” that have your back this Sunday! – Beverly Daigle


Shame on you NFL!Christopher Sign, ABC15 Anchor

Keep it up Cam! Love seeing the love you have for your family and the way you honor them. – Sarah Evans

Cam, we know you were not whining or complaining but making fans aware of your tribute. For such a young man, you show a tremendous sense of maturity and loyalty. Don’t ever change.Hayes Stanton

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