It has been a little over a year since I began this website, and the number of visitors to the site just keeps growing!

I credit this to the great work Mr. Heyward does on and off the field and to the amazing family, friends and fans he has. Heyward Nation is STRONG!

Cam certainly has a built up a fan base worldwide. According to the statistics from my hosting company, the United States leads in the number of visitors to the site, followed by Canada, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Portugal and Germany.

The first month I started the site, I had almost 1,000 visitors. As of August 2015, which is a little over a year since the site began, I show well over 200,000 visitors!

This number does not count the web robots or crawlers that automatically generate hits on a site.

So, I wanted to say Thank you, Merci, Obrigao, Grazie to everyone for visiting this site!