‘Twas the night before the Ravens game…


Cam on the game:

“I think it’s the best rivalry in football. It’s a hard-hitting, physical game that the mentally tough always win. It doesn’t matter how it starts; it’s how you finish. You have to wrap your mind around playing four quarters and more.”

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Cam also spoke on the Steelers amazing offense:

“Our offense is unstoppable. To have an offense that can go up and down with anybody, it doesn’t matter who’s out there. It’s pretty special.”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You really don’t see themselves rest on their laurels or patting themselves on the back,” Heyward said of the offense. “They’re trying to continue to score. You appreciate that as a defense because they give some leeway at times.”

On the remaining two games:

“We understand if we want to get to where we want to get to, we have to win these games. The thing we embrace is that we are in control. If we continue to win, continue to do the things we have been accustomed to doing, then we put ourselves in good spots. You can’t look at what’s going on here, what’s going on there. You take care of your business and you are all right.”

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