New father, Cam Heyward took some time to speak with the crew at 93.7 The Fan today.

From Colin Dunlap, Host-Fan Morning Show-93.7 The Fan • Columnist-CBS Pittsburgh:

Cam Heyward joined the Fan Morning show today and he was awesome! All him. He gets it. Just the best. 

From the interview:

Not only is Heyward coming off a key game against the Raiders and preparing for a divisional matchup against the Browns, but he’s also getting used to life as a father.

Heyward’s wife Allie gave birth to the couple’s first child, Callen, last Saturday.

“It’s been a whirlwind this year,” Heyward said. “Between getting a new contract, having a baby – now we’ve just got to go out there and win a Super Bowl.”

On his wonderful wife, Allie:

Heyward said that he’s been managing to get five to six hours of sleep despite having a newborn in the house.

“That’s just because I’ve got an awesome wife that has been looking out for me.”

Cam is a hands on dad though:

“I’ll go to the guest room for a little bit, and then I’ll wake up pretty early so I can spend some time with them in the morning, and she can get a little bit of extra sleep before I leave,” Heyward said.

On reflecting on his dad, who passed away several years ago:

Heyward would have liked for his father, the late former Pitt star and Pro Bowl fullback Craig “Iron Head” Heyward, to meet his son, but Heyward sees some saving grace in the situation.

“I know my dad wanted to be a grand[father],” Heyward said “[And] was already a grandfather with my brother’s two kids, but for me personally, for my dad to see my son would have meant the world. It’s just awesome to see his lasting image in my son now.”

Advise from friends:

I talk to Keis (Brett Keisel) a lot, but I am talking to him more about baby stuff than football stuff now.

Eye Black for Lil’ Iron Head:

“I wanted to do that, but I didn’t want it to end up sticking to the baby’s face. I didn’t want it to leave a rash or anything.”

Cam goes on to discuss his role this season, the game against Oakland and the upcoming game against Cleveland.

It’s a great interview…listen HERE.